FWIW – Denunciation of Bad Actors & Actions

SourceRock was created out of a deep and abiding affection for healthy debate and diversity of viewpoints. Our guiding mission is to engage with organizations and entities that we find have extraordinary potential and inordinate value outside of the mere balance sheet. We take significant pride in attaching our set of values and beliefs in approaching any of our ventures. Those values of honesty and transparency, pluralism and strength in diversity, stewardship of resources and abilities, creative and elegant solutions, and above all respect for individual human dignity are essential to us as an entity and as the individual partners.

One of the hallmarks we have come to notice in respect to a diversity of viewpoints in organizational culture is that it must have as a core principal an unwavering respect of individual human dignity. When members of an organization or entity act with hatred against a person’s identity, it creates a cancer within the organization that attacks the fundamental principles of our culture.

We believe that the core resources and assets themselves are not racist, sexist, or bigoted. Fire can be used to heal as well as harm. But without clear denunciation, all fire-wielders are at risk of being castigated by guilt-by-association.

The cure to organizational or group cancer demands honesty and conviction to call out and condemn in clear terms the actual actions of the individuals. Hand-waiving or dissembling about either a vague “something” or faceless “someone” does a disservice to the health of the organization. Without an explicit condemnation of such actions, the cancer of such hatred to continue to fester throughout the entity and affect all who not only identify with the entity but the society surrounding it as well. That, we simply cannot abide.