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FWIW – Museum & Art Venue Attendance

More Americans attend museums and art venues than live sporting or theme parks.  By almost double the amount, according to the last census data.  It is important to recognize the impact art in its forms have, not just on American culture as a whole, but in daily life.  This is something we should cherish as a society as where we spend our time reflects our values.

One of the engaging topics surrounding this oft-described as surprising statistic is that many Americans view sport not live, but via technology and media.  The prevalence of HD broadcasting and live-streaming technologies have altered the landscape of sport consumption.

It’s fascinating that the same has not negatively impacted art consumption.  However, we can even more greatly expand the ability to access art by utilizing those same technologies.  The greatest hurdle for Americans who say they want to spend time in art venues (museums, galleries, exhibits, etc) but do not do so now cite a lack of time to and from the venue and physical access to the venues themselves.

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